Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that FarSight Studios is conducting a Kickstarter to get the Terminator 2 pinball table into The Pinball Arcade. Funding is at $17K with 21 days to go, and they need $59K.


Please donate, this is one of the true classic pinball tables. It was one of the first with a dot-matrix display, and the first with a DMD video mode. It was designed by Steve Ritchie, whose resume includes some real legends, like Firepower, Black Knight, and High Speed. He's already well-represented in TPA, with recreations of Firepower, Black Knight, and Star Trek: The Next Generation all available for download.


Here's some gameplay footage of the real thing.

And here's the original promo video, sent out to distributors, in two parts.

Please consider donating, there is only a limited opportunity for this to happen before another dev team gets exclusive video game rights to the franchise and it's lost forever. That, and if this goes through, we may get a chance at getting The Addams Family.


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